Brood-Gehalte aan kwik, lood en cadmium

Bread-Mercury, lead and cadmium content


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Mercury, lead and cadmium have been determined in 108 samples of bread which reflect the Dutch bread consumption in March 1988. The samples were collected from retail outlets predominantly located in the province of Utrecht. Quality assurance included replicate analyses of samples and analyses of standard reference materials for all three elements. Precision and accuracy were adequate. Mean level (N=108) for mercury in bread is 0.8 mu/kg, for lead 33 mug/kg and for cadmium 30 mug/kg. The mercury content of the samples ranges from 0.3 - 1.7 mug/kg, for lead from 18-184 mug/kg and for cadmium from 11 - 76 mug/kg. The mercury, lead and cadmium content of the bread types examined differ only slightly. The higher level of lead in currantbread versus other bread types is striking! The daily oral intake of toxic elements in the Netherlands by males and females aged 22 years and on is - on average - 1,0 mug for average for 9% to the mercury intake whereas for lead and cadmium these figures are respectively 13% and 34%. For males the corresponding figures are 13% for mercury, 19% for lead and 49% for cadmium.

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