Selectie en acceptatie van NOx-O3 kalibratie-eenheden

Selection and acceptance of NOx-O3 calibration units


An Environics 100 Multi-Gas Calibrator has been tested as a possible candidate for an automatic NOx-O3 calibration unit in the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network. The test concentrated on: - the O3 generator as a producer of stable O3 levels - the mass flow controllers as a stable means of dynamic dilution of a certified NO calibration gas mixture from a gas cylinder - the temperature dependence of the Environics 100. 56 slightly adapted calibration units have been purchased. These units have been subjected to a short acceptance test. This test involved a leak check and a temperature test. The results of the test are reported together with remarks concerning the state of the individual units at delivery. There were 9 units with defects which have been repaired promptly by the Dutch supplier of the units. All units have passed the test.

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