Geluid in de vijfde Milieuverkenning. Achtergronden

Background report to the fifth Environmental Outlook: Noise


Dit rapport geeft de achtergronden van hetgeen in de Vijfde Milieuverkenning (MV5) is berekend ten aanzien van de ontwikkeling van de omvang en effecten van transportgeluid in de periode 1995-2030. Het hoofddoel is het reproduceerbaar maken van de berekeningsresultaten. Daartoe wordt de totstandkoming van de resultaten geschetst aan de hand van een gedetailleerde beschrijving van het gehele proces van gegevensverwerking en geluidberekening.


In this report details on, and background to a study on the extent and effects of exposure to noise from road, rail and air traffic in the framework of the fifth National Environmental Outlook are given as they are expected to develop from 1995 to 2030. The results have indicated environmental noise to be among the persistent environmental problems in the Netherlands. The whole process, from the basic data collection and processing to the application of a computer model for noise mapping and the analysis of its results has been described. The most comprehensive description is dedicated to the starting points and assumptions in line with the methodological approach. Special focus has also been placed on the way the effects of existing policy and measures to reduce noise (annoyance) in the Netherlands are estimated and taken into account. The reproducibility of the figures and conclusions given in this fifth Environmental Outlook have been adequately handled in this way, while providing the interested reader with all the necessary background information.

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