• PROAST 08 March 2012

    PROAST is a software package that has been developed by the Dutch National Institue for Public Health and the Environment for the statistical analysis of dose-response data. It can be used for 1) dose-response modelling, 2) deriving a BenchMark Dose in human risk assessment, and 3) deriving an effect concentration in ecotoxicological risk assessment.

  • Storybuilder 30 March 2012

    Storybuilder is a software tool developed for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. It supports occupational and major accident analysis, investigation, inspection and identification of ways to improve safety.

  • WebORCA 27 November 2012

    WebORCA is the Web version of ORCA (Occupational Risk Calculator). Based on the input of actual working conditions and duration of exposure to hazards, the model calculates the risk for various activities in the workplace or for different occupations.

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