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Iodine prophylaxis in case of nuclear incidents

Jodiumprofylaxe bij kernongevallen


In 1999 the Dutch government made a start on the revision of the National Nuclear Emergency Response Plan. This revision includes recommendations for iodine prophylaxis in case of a radioactive iodine release. The strategy set out for the Dutch situation will be described here. The first step was to carry out a threat analysis to calculate the area around nuclear power plants, where thyroid doses for children are sufficiently high as to warrant iodine prophylaxis. Calculations were based on scenarios and source terms. Analyses were conducted for accidental releases of the power plants of Borssele (the Netherlands), Doel (Belgium) and Emsland (Germany). Two zones were defined for each nuclear power plant: one in the direct vicinity of the power plant and a second one, forming a circle around the first zone. In the first zone predistribution of iodine tablets is advocated. In the second zone, around the first one, we advice local storage at offices of general practitioners, pharmacies, drugstores and at municipal health services ( GGD's) and at medical accident and disaster assistance service points (GHOR's).

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