How can we keep ourselves and our environment healthy? That is the challenge facing national governments, local and regional authorities, and countless healthcare professionals.
The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) conducts research and provides advice to assist them in this task.


Disease Prevention and Healthcare

crowdsHow effective is the Dutch health care system? How is the quality of prescription drugs maintained? Why are newborn babies given the Guthrie test ('heel prick')? What is the National Vaccination programme and against what diseases does it protect? What are the causes of overweight and obesity? What can be said about the health of the Dutch population, today and in the future? Go to Disease Prevention and Healthcare.

Infectious Diseases

Woman blowing her noseInfectious diseases can be transmitted from person to person, or from animals to humans. They are caused by pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores or parasites. You can contract an infectious disease through contact with infected people or animals, from contaminated food or water, from carriers such as insects or by breathing contaminated air.
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Environment & Safety

skateboarding boyEconomic activity generates wealth but can have an adverse impact on the environment and on human health. It can create waste, pollution and excessive noise. It brings the risk of accidents involving hazardous substances. RIVM helps to protect health and the environment through constant monitoring. We identify and evaluate potential risks, and we formulate appropriate responses.
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Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition

Legs of toddler in shopping cartThis section offers information about RIVM's responsibilities with regard to food and drinking water. It sets out how we monitor the nation's dietary habits, and how we minimize the risks of unhealthy diets and of contaminated products entering our food supply. The section also presents our research into food allergens.
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