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RIVM is participating in CHRODIS, a European Joint Action addressing Chronic Diseases and healthy ageing across the life cycle. Our institute, including RIVM Centre for Healthy Living, is contributing to the work package on preventive interventions for the promotion of healthy ageing.

This specifically concerns the approach to the known risk factors associated with the development of chronic diseases: inactivity, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, and smoking. The focus lies on inequalities in health and healthy ageing. RIVM is contributing interventions from the database Active and Healthy Living available on ‘’ as the starting point in the collection of good Dutch examples. 

Prevention and treatment

Building on expertise from the various countries, CHRODIS is aiming to assess the best approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. This primarily concerns chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. In Europe, around 80% of people over the age of 65 suffer from a chronic disease. By employing the right strategy in dealing with known risk factors such as alcohol abuse, inactivity and an unhealthy diet, this ever-increasing problem can be limited. JA-CHRODIS started in 2014 and will run until 2017.

RIVM staff involved are based in the RIVM Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services and the Centre for Health and Society.


JA-CHRODIS is a European collaboration that brings together over 60 associated and collaborating partners, from 26 countries. These partners work together to identify, validate, exchange and disseminate good practices on chronic diseases across Europe and to facilitate their uptake across local, regional and national borders. The focus is health promotion and primary prevention as well as the management of Type 2 Diabetes and patients with more than one chronic condition (multimorbidity). One of the key deliverables is a ‘Platform for Knowledge Exchange’, which will include both an online help-desk for policy makers and a clearinghouse providing an up to date repository of best practices and the best knowledge on chronic care.


The first output RIVM has delivered is an overview of the current situation concerning work to prevent chronic diseases in the Netherlands. We have prepared The Netherlands Country Review which was published on the CHRODIS website. RIVM also described three best practices in a new JA-CHRODIS report on good practices which contains 41 good practice examples from 13 partner countries. RIVM described three best practices in this report: Do-it (prevention of overweight among prevocational educational school children by improving energy-balance-related behaviour), Sociaal Vitaal (intervention programme for community-dwelling, sedentary frail older adults in deprived areas) and JOGG (programme which encourages all people in a city, town or neighbourhood to make healthy food and exercise an easy and attractive lifestyle option for young people (0-19 years). 

CHRODIS Adressing Chronic Diseases and Healthy Aeging Across the Life Cycle

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