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ConsExpo Web Introductory course

November 15, 2017, 8.30 – 17.30h
Location: RIVM, Bilthoven, the Netherlands
Registration: consexpo@rivm.nl


Description of the course

This one day course will provide an introduction to ConsExpo Web. ConsExpo is a computer program that enables and facilitates the estimation and assessment of exposure to substances from consumer products such as paint, cleaning agents and cosmetics.

The model was developed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). In October 2016, the new freely available web version of ConsExpo Web was launched (www.consexpoweb.nl). The update of ConsExpo has been executed by RIVM in collaboration with the counterpart institutes ANSES (France), BfR (Germany), FOPH (Switzerland) and Health Canada.

ConsExpo Web provides insight to exposure via multiple exposure routes. Users can choose the most appropriate scenario and use default exposure parameters (from a database based on Fact Sheets) or user-specified exposure parameters. The program consists of both screening models and higher tier models for exposure estimation, and is referenced by REACH and other regulatory programs.

Information about circumstances under which consumers are exposed to chemical substances from consumer products is available in so-called Fact Sheets. For several product categories, such as for example cleaning agents or cosmetics, default exposure parameter values are provided which can be used as a basis for the calculations in ConsExpo. These default values are also available in the database that is coupled to ConsExpo. By means of the Fact Sheets, the exposure assessment may be carried out in a transparent and standardised way.

This introductory course will give a general introduction to ConsExpo Web and the Fact Sheets. The ConsExpo exposure models for inhalation, dermal and oral exposure will be discussed in more depth and illustrated with practical examples and exercises. Participants will be given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working through a case study.

Course fee

€600,-  (excluding VAT)


To register for the course, please send an email to consexpo@rivm.nl. Upon receipt of your e-mail, you will receive an email with a registration form and information on the payment. Participants are requested to bring their own laptop. Please contact us in case this is not possible.

Deadline for registration

October 30, 2017

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