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NEVO online

Dutch Food Composition Database

Starting October 2009 NEVO data are available online. In September 2013 a new NEVO online version is released: version 2013/4.0, providing information on energy and 142 nutrients of 2194 food items.

Information about NEVO online

NEVO provides data on the composition of foods expressed per 100 g of the edible part (i.e. meat without bones, vegetables without waste). In certain cases, the composition of liquid foods for specific dietary use may be displayed per 100 ml, if applicable this is mentioned in the name of the food.

Functionalities NEVO online:

  • Search; You can search on:
    • (part of) the food name
    • food code (NEVO code)
    • food group
  • Examine and compare; You can look at the nutrient values of the selected food items and compare between different foods. Per nutrient it is possible to sort the values.
  • Additional information; For each food item additional information is available, for instance on the source of each nutrient.

More information concerning the functionalities of NEVO online can be found at ‘Search and compare’



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