Maria Xiridou

Research scientist

Maria Xiridou



    Maria (dot) Xiridou (at) rivm (dot) nl



Research interests

Maria Xiridou’s work at RIVM is mainly focused on the modelling of sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, human papillomavirus, hepatitis B and D. Using mathematical models, it is attempted to comprehend how different factors affect the behaviour of the process. This is important for understanding the reasons for the “rise and fall” of an epidemic and identifying the properties of pathogens or of humans that can be influenced in order to reduce the spread of the pathogen and prevent future outbreaks. In a recent study, Maria investigated the role of migrants from HIV-endemic countries in the heterosexual transmission of HIV in the Netherlands. She coordinated a project (carried out in collaboration with WHO Regional Office for Europe, Health Protection Agency UK, and EMCDDA) on methodologies for the estimation of national HIV prevalence and the modelling of the HIV epidemic in Europe.

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