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  Ammonia (NH3) *
  Data from EDGAR 2.0
* For an update of agricultural NH3 emissions see the new NH3 emissions inventory.

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Summary table for 1990 (region/source)

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Data files on GEIA 1x1 degree grid: (443 Kb) 
F00Fossil fuel use (28.7 Kb)
B00Biofuel combustion (36.1 Kb)
I30Industry (27.8 Kb)
L11Synthetic Fertilizers (19.9 Kb) *
L13Crops (19.8 Kb) *
L20Domestic Animals (33 Kb) *
L30Wild Animals (36 Kb)
L44Human Population (33.1 Kb)
N10Soils under Natural Vegetation (94.1 Kb)
N40Oceans (445 Kb)

Last update: 4 July 2006