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WHO-FIC network

Family of classifications

ICF: Classification of functioning, disability and health

ICF-CY: ICF for Children and Youth

ICD-10: Classification of diseases

ICD-O-3: Classification of diseases for oncology

ICPC-2: Classification of primary care

ICECI: Classification of external causes of injury

ISO9999: Classification of assistive products for persons with disabilities

ATC/DDD: Classification of therapeutic drugs

ICHI: Classification of health interventions

Health terminology

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The WHO Collaborating Centre in the Netherlands delivered to the annual meetings of the WHO-FIC Network:

Annual reports


Paris 26: An Integrated System for Codes, Classifications and Definitions in Health Care, Willem M. Hirs, secretary of the WCC, 1998. In Dutch.

Bethesda 41: Discussion items for the ICF breakout sessions by the Dutch Centre

Brisbane 75: Report of the WHO-Wonca Joint Working Group on the relations between ICD-10, ICF and ICPC-2, Marti Virtanen, Niels Bentzen, Willem Hirs, Henk Lamberts, Franšois Mennerat and Gunnar Schi°ler

Brisbane 83: The WHO Family of International Classifications and its relationship to Clinical Vocabularies, D.J.Berglund, W.Hirs & A.L'Hours

Brisbane 91: Classification of technical aids for persons with disabilities, Marijke W. de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker

Cologne 22.1: Annual report WHO-FIC Implementation Committee, Marijke W. de Kleijn - de Vrankrijker

Cologne 31: The Dutch Family of International Classifications, K. v. Boven

Cologne 33: ISO 9999 submission to the WHO-FIC, Marijke W. de Kleijn - de Vrankrijker

Cologne 35: Dutch ICD-10 and ICF in a CEN Technical Standard, H.Ten Napel

Cologne 36: Applicability of Dutch ICD-10 Electronic tool, H.Ten Napel

Cologne 37: The Dutch ICF Electronic tool for following ICF, H.Ten Napel

Cologne 40: Use of the ICF by allied health professionals, Yvonne Heerkens, Dorine van Ravensberg

Cologne 41: The use of the ICF and ISO9999, Theo Bougie

Cologne 74: ICECI submission to the WHO-FIC, Marijke W. de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker, Saakje Mulder

Cologne 76: Health expectancies and the ICF, Rom Perenboom

Cologne 78: ICF and social disability insurance, W.E.L. de Boer

Cologne 98: Using the ICF in nursing practice, Theo van Achterberg, Gonda Stallinga

Reykjavik 22: Use of ICPC and ICF together, Marijke W. de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker, Inge M. Okkes and Marc Verbeke

Reykjavik 41: The on-line Response Centre for WHO-FIC Classifications - structured information gathering and sharing for maintenance, revision, updating, version control and needs assessment, Huib Ten Napel and Pieter Zanstra

Reykjavik 43: Beyond membership of the World Health Organization Family of International Classifications, Marijke de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker, Catherine Sykes and Richard Madden

Reykjavik 54: Roadmap for the implementation of the ICF, Diane Caulfeild and Marijke W. de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker

Reykjavik 90 and 90_A1:Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Terminology Coding. GET-C; an extension of the ICD-10; and Annex Table 1 GET-C extended, M.J.M. Groenen, W. Hirs, H. Becker, E.J. Kuipers, G.P. van Berge Henegouwen, P. Fockens, R.J.Th. Ouwendijk

Reykjavik 92_1: Annual report WHO-FIC Implementation Committee (IC) on ICF, Marijke W. de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker

Tokyo B_3-1 Maintaining Medical Classifications in XML-ClaML

Tokyo B_4-2 The ICF-CY a derived classification for children and youth

Tunis C503 Maintenance and publication tool for WHO-FIC classifications

Tunis C504 How to migrate to ClaML

Tunis P107 ICF-CY a universal tool for practice policy and research

Tunis P115 A structured collection of information, experiences and comments on ICF


update September 2009


Annual reports and papers