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Family of classifications

ICF: Classification of functioning, disability and health

ICF-CY: ICF for Children and Youth

ICD-10: Classification of diseases

ICD-O-3: Classification of diseases for oncology

ICPC-2: Classification of primary care

ICECI: Classification of external causes of injury

ISO9999: Classification of assistive products for persons with disabilities

ATC/DDD: Classification of therapeutic drugs

ICHI: Classification of health interventions

Health terminology

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On a national and international scale, terminologies are increasingly receiving attention and are often bracketed together with classifications. To create clarity in the difference between and similarity of terminologies and classifications, as well as application possibilities of both development and collection & exchange of knowledge, coordination between national and international developments is required.

The WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in the Netherlands aims to monitor a scientifically based process of mappings from (reference) terminologies to classifications of the Family of International Classifications of WHO. For this purpose a Health Terminology Team is set up that for its intended activities will develop a Terms of Reference (ToR) in line with the ToR of the Terminology Reference Group of the WHO-FIC Network. The team will also harmonize its activities with the WHO International Network for Health Terminology.

The Health Terminology Team as yet consists of:
- Huib Ten Napel, Head, e-mail:
- Pieter Zanstra, Advisor

The WHO FIC CC intends to extend the Team with national expertise in the domains of terminologies and classifications.

update April 2009


Health terminology