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Microbiologische kwaliteit van filtermedia voor behandeling van zwemwater in ciculatiebaden
[ Microbiological quality of filtermedia for the treatment of swimming pool water. ]
van Leengoed LPM, Havelaar AH, Bethe BM, Schijven JF, Groothuis DG, van Straaten DGJ

65 p in Dutch   1990

RIVM Rapport 148902001

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The hygienic aspects of some commonly used materials for filtration of swimming pool water as well as their effect on the microbiological quality of the filtrate and the pool water were investigated. All filtermedia were found to be colonized by high numbers of bacteria. If chlorine was removed by media such as activated carbon and Hydro-anthracit, there was no inactivation of bacteria washed from the filter and additional measures can be necessary to guarantee the microbial safety of the pool water.


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