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Knapen F van , Franchimont JH , Kremers AFT

17 p in Dutch   1992

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In 1987, 1626 sera were collected from free-range pigs, involving 8 different farms spread all over the country. All sera were examined for the presence of antibodies against T. spiralis and T. gondii using ELISA techniques. Although the seroprevalence of both infections was above the expected value of a parasite-free population, no high extinction values were found. Since it isn't confirmed by further investigations that the animals, seropositive for T. spiralis were actually infected, it is recommended that free-range pigs participate in the regular T. spiralis surveillance program on finishing pigs, both to generate permanent information about the seroprevalence of T. spiralis of free-range pigs, as well as to further investigate possible sources of infection. The seroprevalence of T. gondii was only slightly higher than found in comparable investigations on Dutch finishing pigs. However, no regular information on the seroprevalence of T. gondii is available, since investigations only take place occasionally. It is therefore recommended to carry out periodic epizootilogical surveys in order to observe possible trends in the seroprevalence of the infection.


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