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Knapen F van , Franchimont JH , Kremers AFT , Dijkstra A , Narucka U , Osinga A , Zandstra P

25 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

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In 1979-1980 and 1987-1989 sera of Dutch cattle were screened for the presence of antibodies against T. gondii using an ELISA method. The seroprevalence found in the first investigation, involving sera from the South of the Netherlands, was 32,4%. In this survey the animals were classified as fattening calves, heifers and dairy cattle. The seroprevalences in the different categories were 1,2%, 26,4% and 42,6%, respectively. In the second investigation involving sera from the North of the Netherlands, the observed seroprevalence was 12,8%, which was considerably lower than the seroprevalence found in the first survey, especially since the sera were mainly sampled from dairy cattle, showing a more than average degree of infection in the first study. Although it cannot be excluded that general changes in housekeeping in the period between the projects have resulted in a lower seroprevalence, investigations until 1982 don't suggest a decreasing seroprevalence in cattle. In the second investigation involving sera from the North, it wasn't exceptional that from one farm up to 20 sera were examined, none of them being positive. It may be possible that local differences in farming have resulted in lower seroprevalences. It is recommended, also with respect to the IKB-project, to reinvestigate the degree of infection, both to detect general trends in the degree of infection, as well as to study low-level farms, which possibly have some aspect in their housekeeping enhancing a very low level of infection. In the perspective of the internationally increasing attention for toxoplasmosis as a zoonosis, both in regard to Public Health as well as a result of increasing health awareness of the consumer, it is advised to consider serological surveys as an instrument to screen animals for various diseases including toxoplasmosis, in order to set up a certain measure of quality.


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