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Knapen F van , Greve E , Kremers AFT

13 p in Dutch   1993

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Tissue of human heart and diafragma was investigated for the presence of cysts of Sarcocystis species using trichinoscopy and artificial trypsine digestion. With the latter technique, cystozoite-like structures were found in 5 of the 149 investigated samples. Since by means of artificial digestion no intact cysts can be observed and additional information with regard to life cycle and other characteristics was not available, no conclusions could be drawn with respect to the identification of genus and species of the observed material. Also, although size and form correspond with cystozoites of Sarcocystis, the number of cystozoite-like structures observed in the samples investigated was very low, suggesting that no intact cysts were present in the tissue. Sarcocystis are known to be very specific with regard to the choice of the intermediate host, which is restricted to only one species. It is not clear which species could be the natural intermediate host in the temperate climate. It is recommended to further investigate the presence of cysts of Sarcocystis in human muscle tissue.


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( 1993-07-31 )