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Wilde PGM de , Janssen GLJ

31 p in Dutch   1993

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In this study the elemental content and the leachability of As, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn from five contaminated and five decontaminated soils are investigated. Decontaminated soils enriched with compost and incubated for some months are also investigated. Compost is added to compensate the decrease of organic matter due to soil cleaning. The main conclusions are: - Due to soil cleaning the elemental content of the soil decreased considerably (> 50%). The methods for the cleaning of contaminated soil do not succeed in bringing down the content to limits specified by the government in the Netherlands. - Soil cleaning doesn't always lead to a reduced leaching of metals. In some cases soil cleaning leads to increased leachability, in spite of the fact that the total amount of metal in the soil decreased. - Soil cleaning leads in only one case (Kat emaille) to a soil that can be re-used as building material without isolating conditions. - The acidity is an important factor, which influences the mobility of metals. - Generally, the addition of compost and incubation for some months leads to an increase in the leachability of As, Cu en Pb.


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( 1993-01-31 )