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Schutter MAA , Onderdelinden D

56 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

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In this report, monitoring results from the National Air Quality Monitoring Network are presented covering the calendar year 1990 and the period April 1989-April 1990. The components reported are SO2 black smoke, NO2, NOx (=NO2 + NO), NO, O3, OX (= NO2 + O3) and CO. In 1990 several summer smog episodes occured which contributed to exceedances of the Dutch draft air quality limit value for O3 at 2 stations. One station is sited near an industrial area ; the other is typical of a more rural area. The draft guide value voor O3 was exceeded at all stations. At one station some limit values for black smoke and NO2 were exceede. This station is representative of very busy streets in larger cities. There are ca. 100 such streets in the Netherlands.


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( 1991-03-31 )