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Boelhouwer HC , Swaan P , Vos PW de

27 p in Dutch   1990

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In this report an overview is presented of the operating results of the automatic measuring equipment and of the data acquisition system of the Netherlands National Air Quality Monitoring Network in the years 1987 and 1988. The measuring equipment for sulphur dioxyde including a new monitor scored a number of failures of 0,92 a year only. As a result of a modification of one of the monitor's electrodes the equipment for carbon monxyde showed less defects. The mean number of failures in the equipment for ozone is higher than in the old network. This score is attributed tot the poor quality of the Rhodamine B discs used in the monitors. The high failures's number for the equipment for nitrogen oxydes is related to service and maintenance. The results for the equipment for wind velocity and for wind direction are good. During 1987 and 1988 the failure's number for the data acquisition combination modem and stationprocessor are 0,97 and 0,81 respectively. In general, the performance of the network can be described by two parameters the net effieciency of the equipment and the gross efficiency. Net effieciencies are higher than in previous years for sulphur dioxyde, carbon monoxyde and for nitrogen oxydes. Net effieciency of the ozone equipment is about the same in the new network and in the old one. Network's gross efficiency is 92%.


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( 1990-03-31 )