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Born GJ van den , Bouwman AF , Olivier JGJ , Swart RJ

144 p in Dutch   1991

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English Abstract
To support the Dutch climate policy an inventory has been made of the emission of greenhouse gases. This report presents an estimate of the emissions of all trace gases that contribute either directly ofr indirectly to climate change in the Netherlands in the late eighties. The total radiative effects of these emissions are calculated using the concept of Global Warming Potentials for different time horizons. Most attention is given to methane and nitrous oxide because of the absence so far of any detailed information. All emissions of trace gases have been documented in detail including both volume and emission factors. When possible is given information on the lack of knowledge with respect to the understanding of the processes which lead to the emission, the volumes and emission factors. In the report future developments under existing policies and possible future policies after implementation of measures are reviewed. To support additional policies the possible options are brieFl. reviewed.


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( 1991-07-31 )