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Bouwman AF , Born GJ Van Den , Swart RJ

109 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

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This report presents an inventory of the current land-use related emissions of Co2, CH4 and N2O for the 12 EC member countries and 10 regions covering the rest of the world. Most of the CO2 emissions caused by land use changes stem from deforestation. The sources of CH4 analyzed are natural wetlands, wetland rice fields, animals and animal waste, landfills. Biomass burning is also discussed, since it is an important source of CH4 and many other species. The major sources of N2O are natural soils and soils used for agricultural production. For each species possible future trends have been analyzed and options for reduction of emissions have been included in policy scenarios. future emissions from land-use related sources are dependent on the development of the demand for agricultural land. For future developments in land-use existing scenarios and historical data have been used. The results of this study form the basis for the development of a land-use model to assess future land-use related emissions. This model, which is still in development at present, is described in a separate report.


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( 1992-05-31 )