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Buijsman E ; Eerens HC

21 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Ozone [O3] and nitrogen oxides [NO, NO2, NOx] have been monitored since 1977 in the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network. Necessary replacement of the old monitoring systems urged the Ministry of the Environment to request the Laboratory for Air Research to make proposals for new network configurations for the monitoring of ozone and nitrogen oxides. This report gives an elucidation of the mainly qualitative considerations taken into account in the definition of the new configurations. These considerations included i.a. alert and control function in relation to photochemical smog and support of models. The revised networks consist of 29 regional stations, 5 city background stations, 13 street stations and one additional station for nitrogen oxides and 26, 5, 7 and 1 resp. for ozone. The revised versions of the networks will be fully implemented in the course of 1992.


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( 1992-03-31 )