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Egmond, N.D. van

77 p in Dutch   1986

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To eliminate bottlenecks and impediments in the fields of technology and environmental hygiene for the large-scale reintroduction of coal into the Dutch energy economy, the National Coal Research Programme (NOK) was carried out on behalf of the Minister of Economic Affairs. As part of this programme, an investigation was conducted into "Air Pollution as a result of the Emission from Coal-fired power stations" (LUK), in which the ECN, the KEMA, the RIVM, the TNO and the UvA collaborated. The objective of this research was to determine the consequences of a possible large-scale reintroduction of coal on the concentrations and depositions of air-polluting substances in the Netherlands. The study to be reported here was confined to the reintroduction of coal as a fuel for electricity power stations.


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( 1986-03-31 )