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Buijsman E

19 p in Dutch   1990

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Since april 1988 wet-only samplers are operational in the Netherlands Precipitation Chemistry Network. During 1988 and 1989 on 4 (out of 14) locations of the network both wet-only and bulk samplers were used for comparison purposes. In the course of 1988 it became clear that the wet-only samplers used in the network could contaminate precipitation samplers with respect to zinc. An evaluation of the results made clear that zinc contamination took place during the first 6 months of the investigations ; probably also contamination effect diminished in time and could not be detected anymore after the periods given above. The source of contamination is the material used in the production process of the funnels. Figures for the wet deposition of cadmium in the Netherlands in 1988 were estimated 25% too high at the utmost. Figures for the zinc deposition in 1988 have not been published, because suggestions for contamination were obtained already during 1988.


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( 1990-02-28 )