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Sonderen JF van , Drost RMS , Ockhuizen A , Glastra P , Koolwijk AC

29 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report summarizes the results of measurements of radionuclides deposited at Bilthoven in the Netherlands in 1989. The total depositions of H-3 (1560+-130 Bq/m2), Be-7 (740+-40 Bq/m2), Pb-210 (94+-7 Bq/m2) and Po-210 (24+-4 Bq/m2) were not substantially changed compared to those in previous years. The same applies to the deposited gross alpha- (43+-1 Bq/m2), gross beta- (89+- 3 Bq/m2), gross gamma-activity (128 +- 5 Bq/m2). The depositions of Cs-134 and Cs-137 were <2,6 Bq/m2 and <3 Bq/m2 respectively. In 1988 these depositions were <5 Bq/m2 and <6 Bq/m2. The weekly deposition of gross gamma-activity, H-3 and Be-7 were correlated with the amount of precipitation. In 1989 the consequences of "Chernobyl" were no longer perceptible in the deposition in the Netherlands.


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( 1990-12-31 )