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Jong EJ de , Ven-Breken TJ van de , Noordijk H , Kempers N

93 p in Dutch   1990

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In studies and regulations on the ingestion of radionuclides, which are present in food, information on food consumption is in general limited to the average consumption of a population or to the consumption of large subgroups of a population. However, an insight in the individual variation in food consumption is essential for assessing maximal doses which may be received by individuals. The data collected in a large food consumption research programme in the Netherlands are used to assess the variation and extremes in consumption for one-year-olds and for adults and children of 10 to 11 years old, male and female separately. The variation in food consumption appears to be rather similar for all classes of food and all population groups considered. Extremely high consumption, relative to the average consumption of the population group considered, is slightly higher for adults than for other population groups.


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( 1990-10-31 )