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Koster HW , Pennders RMJ , Glastra P , Mattern FCM , Berger GW

71 p in Dutch   1990

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During 1986 a reconnaissance survey was made of the levels of Po-210 and other natural radionuclides in several Dutch water bodies. Large differences in the activity levels of water and suspended matter were found between these waters. A subdivision of the observed levels was made into "low", "probably increased" and "clearly increased". Levels in the Eastern Scheldt are low. Clearly increased levels are found in the Rhine downstream of Rotterdam, the mouth of the Scheldt and locally at IJmuiden. These increases can be linked to emissions from phosphorous and steel producing industries. The transport of the radionuclides from the Scheldt through the Western Scheldt and the North Sea could be traced. Further transport in the North Sea from the Western Scheldt and the Rhine was not clearly distinguishable. For this and for insight in the balance between industrial emissions of natural radionuclides and their further distribution and/or accumulation additional information and research needs have been indicated.


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( 1990-04-30 )