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Mattern FCM , Drost RMS , Glastra P , Ockhuizen A , Koolwijk AC

37 p in Dutch   1990

Toon Nederlands

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Sr-90-activities in Meuse, Rhine and Roer (about 3.5 Bq/m3) and Westerscheldt (9 Bq/m3) were nearly equal to those in 1988. Activities in the Northsea (up to 17 Bq/m3) were slightly higher than in 1988 and are caused by discharges of nuclear reprocessing plants. Sr-90-activities of the Westerscheldt depend on those of the Northsea. Ra-226- activities in Rhine(4.2 Bq/m3), Roer(15 Bq/m3) and Westerscheldt (38 Bq/m3) were higher than in 1988. That of the Meuse(3.3 Bq/m3) was unchanged. The Ra-226 in Roer and Westerscheldt originate from discharges by coalmines in the FRG respectively discharges of phosphogypsum. The Westerscheldt transported in 1989 approximately 200 GBq Ra-226. In the Westerscheldt and due to phosphogypsum, the activities of Pb-210 (16 Bq/m3) and Po-210 (19 Bq/m3) were higher than in the Meuse, Rhine and Roer (2 to 5 Bq/m3). 20% to 85% of the activities were adsorbed on suspended matter. Po-210-activities were higher than in 1988. In the Northsea, the activities of Cs-134 (< 2 Bq/m3) and Cs-137(7 to 22 Bq/m3) were lower than in 1988. Tritium-activities (1300 up to 2200 BQ/M3) were nearly the same as in 1988.


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( 1990-11-30 )