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Wee GP van , Thomas R

49 p in Dutch   1992

Toon Nederlands

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Recently, the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) published three new scenarios for 2015. For traffic and transport some institutes, among which the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM), worked together in a team. One of the tasks of the RIVM was to forecast the use of energy and the emissions. In this report, the assumptions and the results are given. In the three scenarios of the use of energy and the emission of CO2 by the traffic and transport sector will grow (7.5 to 15% between 1985 and 2015). The NOx emissions will be reduced by 52 to 74%. The SO2 emissions will be reduced by 55 to 66%. In 2015 the NOx and CO2 emissions will be higher than the government goals for 2010.


RIVM - Bilthoven - the Netherlands - www.rivm.nl

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RIVM - Bilthoven - Nederland - www.rivm.nl

( 1992-06-30 )