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Wee GP van , Waard J van der (eds) , Doesburg MJ van , Eerens HC , Flikkema H , Hoen AL 't , Rab E , Thomas R

297 p in Dutch   1993

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Recently the Third Dutch National Environmental Outlook of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection and the Evaluation of the Second Transport Structure Plan were published. The reports describe possible future developments in the traffic and transport sector in the Netherlands and evaluate the present Dutch policies. This report is the background document for the traffic and transport sector. Considering the present dutch policy the main conclusions are: - The use of most vehicle types will grow between 1990-2015. - Between 1990 and 2010 energy use of the total traffic and transport sector still grow by about 15-20%. - Between 1990-2010 NOx-emissions of cars will diminish strongly. - Between 1990-2000 the VOC emissions of cars will diminish but still be almost twice as high as the target for 2000. - Targets for the year 2000 for noise nuisance are a stabilisation on the 1985 level. - In 2000 the number of kilometers along which the standards for one or more pollutants will be exceeded is much less than in 1990.


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( 1993-12-31 )