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Hoek D

125 p in Dutch   1991

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It is the opinion of the Environmental Forecasting Bureau that in aid of the next environmental forecasts (like "Zorgen voor Morgen") more attention should be paid to management aspects. Particularly the implementation and enforcement of environmental policy are aspects that need to be high-lighted. Not paying attention to these qualitative aspects of environmental measures is within the Department of Environmental Quality recognized as a "white spot" which should be coloured in the near future. This report contains an extensive description of a problem exploring survey which examines the possibilities of the integrating management aspects into the scenario- activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. One main result of the survey is that only at a very high (indicative) abstraction level management aspects can be integrated into the scenario-activities. Tackling this issue at a low abstraction level within four months is nearly impossible because of its time-consuming enterprise. The survey also shows that modelling or quantifying behavioral aspects is very difficult. After an extensive description of tackling the issue at a low abstraction level, as a result of this problem exploring exercise, five simple indicators are found which could determine the speed of implementation and effectivity of an environmental measure. These indicators are: Complexity of the Management, Pressure on Management Capacity, Drasticality of the measure ofr the target group, Controlability of the measure and Influence (Power) of the Target group. the report ends with a description of these indicators, their inter- relationship and the possible application of these into the scenario- activities. The results of this problem exploring survey are not absolute results but can be interpreted as material for discussion.


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( 1991-05-31 )