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Health on Course? Key Messages from the 2002 Dutch Public Health Status and Forecasts Report
[ Gezondheid op Koers? Kernpunten uit de Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning 2002 ]
van Oers JAM

20 p in English   2003

RIVM Rapport 270551003
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English Abstract
The third Dutch Public Health Status and Forecasts (PHSF) report once again contains a large amount of up-todate information about Dutch public health status, prevention and healthcare and includes international and regional comparisons. This brochure contains the Key Messages of the 2002 PHSF summary report, i.e. main findings, illustrated with figures. Dutch life expectancy has increased over the past decades, but less quickly than in most other EU countries. Unhealthy behaviour is the major cause underlying this stagnation. A new, powerful, approach to prevention may turn the tide. Besides the need for strengthening prevention the future will bring a demand for more care, caused a.o. by population ageing. In addition a further shift from cure to care will be necessary. Not only more healthcare will be needed, but also good quality care: effective, safe and accessible to all. The 2002 PHSF report aims to be an important source of information for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), but also for local governments, other ministries and many other players in the field of Dutch public health and healthcare. Next to the 3Health on Course' summary report, PHSF activities also include publishing various theme reports and three websites: The National Compass for Public Health and Healthcare (www.nationaalkompas.nl), the National Atlas for Public Health and Healthcare (www.zorgatlas.nl) and the Cost of Illness in the Netherlands website (www.kostenvanziekten.nl). The theme reports and especially the websites contain most of the data behind the 2002 PHSF summary report.


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