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Wubs KL ; Stolker AAM ; Ginkel LA van

56 p in Dutch   1993

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In this report a study is described on the fully automated determination of desmethyldiazepam in rat serum. Isolation of desmethyldiazepam from rat serum is with robotized solid-phase extraction with a High-Hydrophobic Octadecylsilane sorbent by using the ASPEC (Automatic Sample Preparation with Extraction Columns.) The solid-phase purified extract is, after dilution, injected on a chromatographic system. Subsequent clean-up of the extract is by column-switching. A "heart-cut" of the precolumn eluate containing the relevant part of the extract (desmethyldiazepam and the internal standard prazepam) is directed to the analytical column. Detection is by UV-absorbance detection at 226 nm. The data are collected, stored and processed on an analytical workstation. The extraction recovery (+- standard deviation) is 83,3 +- 1,0)%. The precision is 5,3% at 1,1 mg/l. The method is adapted to a concentration range from 0.05 to 5,0 mg/l starting with 150 mul serum. The resulting method is completed by the introduction of a quality control to assure the quality and the reliability of the results.


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( 1993-06-30 )