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Kunststof zakken voor bloedprodukten
[ Standards for bloodbags ]
Dorpema JW, Dudok de Wit C, Pietersz RNI, de Wit HJC, Sonderkamp HJA, Scheepstra HMH, Berg TM, Briesen V, Scholten MH, Stolwijk C, Hilbers-Modderman ESM

33 p in Dutch   1991

RIVM Rapport 319011001

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
National and European standards for bloodbags are not yet available. Safety problems (microbiological contamination) in 1988 urged to formulate, at least national, requirements for manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Handling of bloodbags is not described in this document. A separate document dealing with this issue will be drafted by the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Board.


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( 1991-02-28 )