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Olling M , Berende PLM , Derks HJGM , Liem AKD , Everts H , Jong APJM de

19 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

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After the investigation of the toxicokinetics of PCDD's and PCDF's in lactating cows from the Lickebaert area, the kinetics of these compounds was studies in non-lactating cows and is described in this report. The mean half-lives in three cows of the different congeners are between 160 and 280 days. There is no simple correlation between these half-lives and the degree of chlorination of the compounds in non-lactating cows. For accurate calculation of the half lives the exact volume of distribution (i.e. the fat compartment) and the changes in this compartment during the experiment must be known.


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( 1991-09-30 )