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Noordergraaf GJ , Deggens JW , Eijk KJ van der , Savelkoul TJF

38 p in Dutch   1993

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The Drechtsteden Hospital, location Refaja is the first to participate in a national network set up for the admission and treatment of groups of patients exposed to physical, biological or chemical agents. The training offered the hospital the opportunity to admit patients from a mass-casualty chemical incident. For this purpose the hospital had available written protocols and was supported by the National Poison Control Center (NVIC) and the Emergency Hospital Utrecht. Major goals for the training were: - to activate the hospital as a participant in the national network of hospitals for chemical accidents coordinated by the medical assistance team of the NVIC/-Emergency Hospital Utrecht - to evaluate the written protocols for mass-casualty accidents and observe procedures - to evaluate medical en nursing aspects in patient treatment. The planning and the execution of the training are described. Conclusions are formulated as to the procedural and medical aspects in the training. Some of these show possibilities for the improvement in efficiency by a recognizable coordinator, the need to adapt to the quantity of patients and the registration of relevant (medical) data. Some suggestions are made to strengthen the disaster management plan.


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( 1993-01-31 )