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Inventarisatie van acute intoxicaties bij dieren in de periode van 1 februari 1992 tot 30 juni 1992
[ [Inventarisation of acute intoxications in animals from 1 February till 30 June 1992.] ]
Hontelez W, Meulenbelt J

34 p in Dutch   1993

RIVM Rapport 348802013

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From 1 February 1992 till 30 June a study was conducted to gain clearer insight into the nature, circumstances, causes and effects of acute intoxications in animals. The methods of treatment used were also studied. In case of intoxications in domestic animals one animal is usually involved. Intoxications are mainly concerned with household products, houseplants and drugs for human consumption. In farm animals it is often a question of an intoxication in which a number of animals are exposed simultaneously. These intoxications are mainly caused by pesticides and garden waste. The therapies applied to animals are usually limited to treatment which prevents absorption and symptomatic treatment. In view of the limited therapeutic possibilities, mortality among animals following intoxications may therefore be higher than in humans. Presumable, a considerable number of intoxications in animals can in fact be prevented by toxic substances being made less easily accessible. Additionally, the number of intoxications might be further reduced by providing advice on toxic plants to animal owners.


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