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Biologische halfwaardetijd-bepaling van radiocaesium bij vrouwelijke ratten
[ Measurement of biological halflife of radiocaesium in the female rat.] ]
Joore JCA, Verzijl JM, Beekhof PK, van Dijk A, Savelkoul TJF

62 p in Dutch   1992

RIVM Rapport 348804001

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English Abstract
A group of 10 female rats were administered orally 200 kBq/kg body weight of a CsCl-137 solution. After this administration the internal contaminated rats were examined daily by a whole body counter to obtain the retention characteristics of Cs-137 in these rates. From these characteristics the biological halflife of Cs-137 was calculated for each rat. Furthermore, the distribution, deposition and elimination of Cs-137 were examined in these rats.


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