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Top HJ van den , Paulsch WE , Egmond HP van

19 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
This report describes the investigations on the occurrence of ochratoxin A in 26 samples meat products, 2 samples porcine blood plasma and 2 samples porcine dried plasma. The method of analysis used, is described in the Standard Operating Protocol (SOP nr. ARO 091), added as an annex to this report. The results of the investigations have shown that ochratoxin A was not detectable in any of the analysed meat products. Ochratoxin A was detectable, however, in both samples of blood plasma and in both samples of dried plasma (concentration: 4 and 4.4 mug/kg dried plasma ; <0.5 mug/kg blood plasma). The limit of detection of the method of analysis used was 0.1 mug/kg (signal/noise <__3). The identity of ochratoxin A in the samples dried plasma was confirmed with a derivatization procedure. These results have led to the provisional conclusion, that there is currently no reason for concern about human exposure to ochratoxin A through consumption of meat products, sold in the Netherlands.


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( 1991-02-28 )