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Vaessen HAMG , Ooik A van

20 p in Dutch   1990

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The sodium and potassium content has been determined in 108 samples of bread reflecting the Dutch bread consumption in 1989. Quality assurance of the survey was implemented by duplicate determinations and analysis of standard reference materials. On average, bread contains 5.47 mg/g of sodium and 2.31 mg/g of potassium (N=108). Raisin bread excluded, bread hardly differs in sodium content. Of 7 breads assayed, the sodium chloride content marginally violates the Dutch legal limit for bread of 2.5% on dry weight basis. Bread consumption contributes on average 24- 35% to the daily sodium intake ; the corresponding figure for potassium is 9-13%. Potassium levels of bread are type related with higher potassium levels for brown and rye bread than for white bread. With an average value of 3.91 mg/g, raisin bread is highest in potassium content.


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( 1990-04-30 )