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Vaessen HAMG , Wilbers AAMM , Jekel AA

38 p in Dutch   1991

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
Results are described of the determination of 16 PAHs in 12 samples of dried subtropical fruits. Apart from one sample bought in Turkey, all samples were from local retail outlets. Three recovery and one blank determination were carried out for quality assurance. Apart from two compounds the average recoveries ranged from 62 to 119% and in the blank no traces of PAHs were found. In general the total PAH contamination of all samples was low. The highest total PAH contamination, corrected for recovery, was found for raisins (N=2) with 9.6 mug/kg and 16.5 mug/kg respectively. For the other samples the total PAH contamination ranged from 0.6 mug/kg for dates to 7.1 mug/kg for mixed subtropical fruits. Results demonstrate that drying of subtropical fruits does not introduce a major PAH contamination problem.


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( 1991-01-31 )