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Vaessen HAMG , Loon JW van , Tolsma K

25 p in Dutch   1994

Toon Nederlands

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Copper, manganese and zinc have been determined in 61 meat samples, 17 samples of minced meat, 13 dressed meat products and 18 sausages; total number of samples: N=109. Sampling has been spread geographically over the Netherlands as wide as practical and was preferably focussed at local butchering and/or production of sausages. Quality assurance of copper and manganese was done by analysis of the standard reference material "Bovine Muscle" of BCR in Brussels, quality assurance of zinc by analysis of "Fish Solubles" of IAEA in Vienna. In addition replicate analyses were done for 19 samples to assess their copper and manganese content whereas in the case of zinc this was done for 26 samples. Consumption of meat and meat products, chicken meat inclusive, accounts for 1/3 of the daily zinc intake recommended by the Dutch Nutrition Board. In general, these products contribute only modestly to the daily copper intake. However, this can increase to 20-50% of the recommendation when meat products containing organ tissues e.g. liver sausage, are on the menu. Meat and meat products contribute only marginally to the manganese intake. On average (N=109) the copper content is 1.04 mg/kg, range 0.21-10.4 mg/kg ; the manganese content is 0.36 mg/kg, range 0.046-2.56 mg/kg and the zinc content is 25.2 mg/kg, range 5.1-67.5 mg/kg. Highest copper and manganese levels were found in samples liver sausage containing 6.10 mg Cu/kg and 1.60 mg Mn/kg on average. Highest zinc levels were found in samples beefsteak containing 50.5 mg Zb/kg on average.


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( 1994-01-31 )