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Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau MNP - RIVM

194 p in Dutch   2004

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Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
During the last few decades urban expansion in the Netherlands has led to a reduction in the quality of Dutch landscapes. Historic features continue to disappear. The government's new National Spatial Strategy identifies twenty National Landscapes where the implementation of landscape and heritage policies will be concentrated. This approach appears to be a promising one, on the condition that a clear assessment framework is developed. This is all the more relevant because the government has also decided on a limited regime of planning protection for the National Landscapes. The provincial councils, which will be responsible for pursuing the policy and have a central coordinating role, now face the challenge of developing a vision for implementing national landscape policies and ensuring that they are translated into regional and local plans. Calls for clear objectives and firm direction from government have also been made with respect to other areas of nature and landscape policy, particularly for the development of green recreational areas near the cities.


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Rapport in het kort
Dier- en plantensoorten profiteren van de verbeterde milieukwaliteit en van de bescherming door Europese regelgeving. Toch nemen de Nederlandse natuur- en landschapskwaliteit nog altijd af. Het kabinet legt meer verantwoordelijkheden neer bij provincies en gemeenten. Vooral van de provincies wordt daarmee een krachtige regie gevraagd.


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