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Deursen WAA van , Feddes RA , Torfs PJJF , Warmerdam PMM

130 p in Dutch   1999

Toon Nederlands

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A review is presented of the vulnerability of the water supply of the Netherlands through the Meuse as a function of Global Change and Climate Change. This review is not limited to water supply only, but also surveys the links to the high flow problems which might be associated with Global Change and Climate Change. This report presents a review of the relation between the functions of the river and the possible changes in hydrologic regime. In addition, a review of research institutes, universities and other parties involved in research project related to this subject is presented. This review also includes an overview of databases and models and their availability for Global Change and Climat Change studies. The report finishes with a set of recommendations for further research


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( 1999-02-12 )