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Proceedings of the first NRP-II Symposium on Climate Change Research
[ Proceedings van het eerste symposium tweede fase van het Nationaal Onderzoek Programma Mondiale Luchtverontreiniging en Klimaatverandering ]
Kok MJT, Verweij W

447 p in English   1999

Global Change NOP-NRP report 410200033

Toon Nederlands

English Abstract
On October 29 and 30,1998 some 175 Dutch researchers from different disciplines and research institutions and universities gathered in Garderen, The Netherlands to present their work and hear about other research carried out within the Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change (NRP). Several policy-makers and representatives from community organisations attended the meeting, the first of its kind. It was primarily aimed at discussing the work in progress during the second phase of the programme. A secondary aim of the meeting was to initiate an effort to stimulate the integration of research within the programme around specific problem areas, such as the impacts of climate change on ecosystems or land use and the possibilities for national or international climate policies. Discussions were lively. The unreviewed proceedings include short papers and posters on almost all the projects either underway or finished.


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