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Description of the default climate scenario for impact projects in NRP-II
[ Beschrijving van de default klimaatmodellen voor effect-onderzoeksprojecten in het NRP-II ]
Verweij W, Viner D

45 p in English   2001

Global Change NOP-NRP report 410200058

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English Abstract
The Dutch National Research Programme on Climate Change (NRP) is funding strategic research on climate change. One of the central research themes focuses on potential impacts of climate change. In general, results of impact projects may differ markedly, depending on input of scenario data for future climate. To make the results of NRP impact projects comparable, common climate scenario data had to be used. The chosen scenario, HadCM2GSal, came from the UK LINK-project which supplies data from the Hadley Centre to the impact community. This report describes the HadCM2GSal-scenario used for this purpose and lists the data delivered to the impact projects.


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