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Nonhebel S , Moll Hc

145 p in Dutch   2001

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The Lifestyle project (funded in NRP-1) studied energy requirements of entire household consumption patterns. There, it was concluded that a substantial reduction potential existed for the total household energy requirement and related greenhouse gas emissions. The GreenHouse project, reported in here, paid attention to the possibilities of achieving this potential and the effects thereof on the households and the production sectors. The research question required integration of methodologies originating from both energy studies as well as household studies. A large number of reduction options within the present household practices were identified, including changes in purchase behaviour and changes in household behaviour. Implementation of all these options would result in a 27 % reduction of the national emissions by the Netherlands. Implementation of feasible efficiency improvements in the production sectors would result in a 30 % reduction of national emissions. The combination of both reduction routes would result in a 54 % reduction of the national emissions. Which shows the existence of a large potential for change. However, it is found that the general acceptance of the suggested options by households is low. The findings imply that the feasible reduction as a result of changing consumption patterns lies in order of 5%. Further research showed that households face several constraints to change to an energy efficient lifestyle. Firstly necessary knowledge is lacking. Secondly the opportunities to purchase efficient household appliances are limited. Thirdly present infrastructures impede households to chose an energy efficient lifestyle and social norms are limiting individual households to adopt an environmental friendly behaviour. The knowledge obtained with respect to constraints perceived in households is used to formulate recommendations to improve feasibility of energy efficient lifestyles.


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