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Moors EHM , Geels FW

219 p in Dutch   2001

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This report is the result of the subproject on Transport & Mobility in the Management of Technology Responses to the Climate Change Challange (Matric) project. The aim of this subproject is to offer recommendations on the improvement of the management of sociotechnical change to climate change needs in the transport and mobility domain. Automobile transport and mobility give rise to problems of local air pollution and are major emitters of greenhouse gases. This report studies how climate protection goals can be pursued in the transport and mobility domain through modulation policies and a change in the mode of governance. First, the report sketches the tour d'horizon of sociotechnical developments in the transport & mobility domain from 1886 onwards. Then, it focuses on various case studies in the car-based transport & mobility domain, studying the dynamics of sociotechnical change. Analysis of the mechanisms of sociotechnical change in the case studies leads to various modes of governance in the transport and mobility domain. The report finally proposes a new role for transport authorities: that of an alignment actor and facilitator of change; and the use of programs for system innovation that offers sustainability benefits. The report states that climate policy has to piggy-back-ride on sustainability issues and it offers suggestions for how to do this. These actions should be pursued as part of a transition programme.


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( 2001-12-02 )