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Dolman AJ , Soet M , Ronda RJ , Hurk BJJM van den , Stricker JNM , Feddes RA , Bruin HAR de , Holtslag AAM

140 p in Dutch   2001

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This report is the final report of the project "Representation of the Seasonal Hydrological Cycle in climate and Weather Prediction models in west Europe (NRP project 951246)". The report describes the methodology used to unravel the influences of the land surface on the atmosphere, in particular rainfall and temperature. 1-Dimensional SVAT models are tested against observations and new parameterizations for soil hydrology and canopy atmosphere exchange are developed and implemented in the land surface model of a Regional Atmospheric Climate Model (RAMCO). New maps of soil and vegetation properties are developed and used in sensitivity studies. These studies show effects of these new parameters on soil moisture storage and timing of evaporation. Europe-wide these differences are small, but regionally they appear important. Also an unexpectedly close relation between soil moisture, evaporation and rainfall was found in the weather of Europe.


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( 2001-11-19 )